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-Adomas Rekasius TREE-
Album "UnCool" 

available in all music streaming services

Adomas Rekasius UnCool Cover 9.jpg
presents original piano trio music.
It is based on the broad musical background of the three musicians.
In the sounds of the trio, classical sound aesthetics, orchestral romance,
repetitive patterns, polyrhythmically interlocking structures and jazz attitudes.


This is a truly beautiful recording. I love the way Adomas creates deep heartfelt moods with his wonderful compositions and improvisations. Also its truly a trio cd, it sounds like a BAND, the bass and drums work very well to support the piano at all times, I felt the music deeply ,and it touched my heart. One important consideration I always have when listening to new music is, DO I BELIEVE THE EMOTION BEHIND THE PLAYING?? IS IT SINCERE AND AUTHENTIC ? Well im happy to say for this cd the answer is YES !!

There are many beautiful quiet intimate musical moments that you will love. bass and drums add much to the tonal landscape and Stephen has some great compositions of his own here.

All in all I would recommend this recording without reservation, its not just another jazz piano trio cd, but a very thoughtful and beautiful collection of music for piano bass and drums. ENJOY !!

RICHIE BEIRACH, October 2022


He has a beautiful touch and great tone from the piano a deep resonant sound, he is very EXPRESSIVE like a mofo!! I can FEEL HIM and the most important thing is that I BELIEVE THE EMOTION BEHIND ALL HIS PLAYING it is very sincere and he touched my heart many times. He has gone through many bad and good times and you can hear it in his improvisations and compositions. I really like his compositions very much. He builds his solos very well and his sense of development is excellent, he takes his time, its great !!
RICHIE BEIRACH, october 2022 


UnCool ist einn ausgedachter Name, für den emotionalen Zustand, der für diese Musik verantwortlich ist. Es ist Statement und Haltung gegenüber dem amerikanischen Begriff „COOL“, der wie ein Markenzeichen in unserer musikalischen und kulturellen Epoche emotionale Inhalte färbt.

UnCool sind frei und spontan erzählte Geschichten über das Wahrste, über das Wichtigste, über den ewigen Moment des Jetzt!  


Diese Musik hat heilende Kräfte. Sie ist voll aufgeladen mit Hoffnung und Wärme. „UnCool“, ein Titel einer der Eigenkompositionen von Rekasius, steht quasi für das Konzept der Band. Intensiv, risikobereit und auf der Suche nach musikalischer Tiefe, agiert dieses Trio mit äusserster Hingabe. …einfach wirken lassen!

Ausgehend von elegisch lyrischer Tondichtung und jazzig rhythmischer Finesse, kumuliert das Trio zu ekstatischer Improvisation mit Pop-Apeal. Europäischer Jazz trifft Arnold Schönbergs "Verklärte Nacht".



Adomas Rekasius, piano,
born in Vilnius, Lithuania. Studied classical piano in art high school, later classical and jazz piano in Lithuanian Academy of Music.
Afterwards he deepened his musical knowledge at the

Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt am Main.
Adomas Rekašius has been improvising since childhood and has attended improvisation master classes with John Taylor, Brian Blade. In 1998 he won the International Competition "Piano Jazz Improvisation" in Vilnius. Adomas Rekašius has played in various formations at jazz festivals in Lithuania, Germany and Denmark. Numerous albums as a solo pianist. Since 2011 he has been teaching piano at the Bern Conservatory.

Stephan Urwyler, bass,

graduated from the Swiss Jazz School in Bern in 1988. Urwyler has no fear of contact and feels at home in jazz and rock. He can be heard on about 35 recordings and lives in Bern/CH.

Played with:

Stephan Eicher, Andy Hug, Gere Stäubli, Büne Huber, Immanuel Brockhaus, Rhonda Dorsey, Joachim Rittmeier, Ron McClure, Tim Hagens, Joe Haider, Glenn Ferris, David Golochokin, Andrej Kontakov, Orazio Maugeri, Roman Schwaller, Samuel Rohrer, Take Torijama, David Elias, Don Li, Lars Lindvall, Peter Keiser, Wilbert "Junior" Gill, Wolfgang Zwieauer, Jim Odgren, Renato Chicco, Michel Poffet, Laurent Wolf, Walter Schmocker, Donat Fisch, Antonello Messina, Markus Schieferdecker, Richie Beirach, Rainer Witzel, David Liebman, Adam Nussbaum. 

Lukas Bitterlin, drums,
studied with Billy Brooks and at the Jazzschule Luzern.
In addition to his active freelance work, he plays in various jazz, rock and free music formations and has appeared on several CDs, including Robin Kenyatta, Peter Schärli, Harald Haerter, Jürg Bucher Quartett, Philipp Schaufelberger, Tomas Sauter, Lukas Heuss Bari-Tones, Willi Schnyder's JazzHorchester, Eliane Cueni Septett, Tripod.
He teaches at the music schools Muri & Bolligen.

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